I thought y'all had given up on using this protocol months ago, turns out instead that my server had stopped downloading new posts from all but a couple of accounts. Unfollowing and re-following on my end seems to fix it? For now at least?

Coming back to the lab with the realization that, in the optimistic case, I'll have to be doing this for at least another 30 years.

Last 20 minutes at work for 2022 before my bus arrives and I am out of stuff to clean out, might as well try this microblogging thing. Professionally speaking (non-job stuff will get its own post before the end of the year), 2022 went a lot less badly than I was expecting around this time last year. Sure there were all-nighters (somehow almost lost my voice at the end of one debugging sprint that lasted several days, I later learned about a thing called "psychogenic aphonia") and sure the LHC shutting down for about a month messed up all our plans... But other than that, seeing the product of about a decade worth of sweat from countless people all come together and work in unison as well as it did, was a great surprise, and relief. There was one last bug I wanted to fix before YETS but haven't managed, it will have to wait a couple of weeks. Until then, I'll repeat the yearly futile excercise of trying to fit into a handful of days about one year's worth of projects I keep trying to find the time and energy to work on.